Historical High Jinks

We Welcome you back in time

Historical High-Jinks at Rockfield House, Kells, Co. Westmeath

Created especially for primary schools, this fun filled, hands-on day explores the wonder of a world now past. Costume, creative play and real artefacts in a stunning Victorian house take children on a time travel adventure to learn about and experience life long ago.

This upstairs-downstairs day gives children the opportunity to work, dress and play as they might have in a grand Victorian house towards the end of the 19th century. (Mullingar is located less than 50 minutes from the M50.)

Life Downstairs

Children become household servants, caps, aprons, waistcoats and all.

Get busy with the work of dairy maids, yard hands, laundry maids and kitchen staff!

Everyone will make butter, collect water at the pumps, wash with old washboards and the mangle (a lot of splashing!), collect eggs, play with old-fashioned toys, have a chamber pot relay foot turf (and make sculptures with it), milk a cow (a reproduction cow, catch the hens) and sweep the yard with besoms.

We move very quickly through the activities so everyone is always getting to do something new.

Life Upstairs

We combine fancy finery and captivating activities so a hands-on, fun-packed day is had by all – time-tested parlour games, drawing room dancing and a real chance to be Lords and Ladies of the manor.

This is a wonderful chance for everyone to dress up (teachers too if you like) and live like a lah-di-dah. We have some classic parlour games, a deportment class, a treasure hunt, a victorian dance and a chance to learn with chalk and slates and to draw with jeweller’s loupes.

The programme lasts for 3 1/2 hours and costs €15 per child.
Please call 087 2391354 to book, or if you would like any more information.

Bring your Primary Class to Historical High Jinks For a trip they’ll never forget!

Our Historical High-Jinks Experience gives children a fun-based opportunity to dress, work and play as they would have in a Victorian house, towards the end of the nineteenth century.

It is completely hands-on – every child gets to do everything and we have costumes for everyone, both when the children are ‘working’ as servants and when they are upstairs as the gentry… as you can imagine children and dressup – it’s a magical formula for fun!

The ethos of Historical High-Jinks is to give children both wonderful experiential learning and a great day out.

I have listed the activities above and each one got rave reviews last year from junior infants right up to sixth class!

We got amazing feedback from the schools who have visited.

Accompanying adults will enjoy complimentary refreshments in the morning room and we will encourage you to choose a costume from our huge selection! (Just to provide an authentic experience for the children of course!)

Yours sincerely,

Della and the Rockfield House Team