History of Rockfield House

Rockfield House was built by Thomas Rothwell at the end of the eighteenth century. His son Richard carried out improvements around 1840/41. At the time it was built, the Rothwell family owned well over 3,000 acres in County Meath. Thomas Rothwell married Louisa Pratt, daughter of Mervin Pratt and his wife Madeline Jackson of Cabra Castle and Enniscoe House, respectively. Over the generations, the Rothwells married local land-owning families, including Nicholson (Balrath Bury) and Fitzherbert (Blackcastle).

During the 20th century it was owned by the Pigeon and Cameron families and at the turn of the 21st Century it was purchased by Trevor and Bernie Fitzherbert (originally from Blackcastle Estate).  They carried out a substantial programme of refurbishment and redecoration and returned the house and surrounding courtyards and walled garden to its former glory.

In 2022 the house was purchased by the Murtagh family, from nearby Causey Farm, with the intention of using it as a place to support foster families with their Nurturing in Nature programme. The current owners also intend to continue the tradition of parties and events that Rockfield has been renowned for over the centuries.