Team Building

We Welcome you back in time

Time Travellers

Take a step back in time to bygone pleasures and enjoy a very different Team Building experience… a delightful mix of below-stairs industriousness and upstairs luxury. On arrival, everyone dresses as servants to do some of the household chores, perhaps prepare a dessert, have a chamber pot race, with the emphasis very much on fun rather than work!

  • Make a dessert – create a gastronomic delight, old-fashioned apple cake to be part of the dessert selection later (so it had better be fit for consumption!)
  • Roles a-plenty and work to be done – Chambermaids, butler, footmen, laundry maids, lady’s maids … where will you fit in on the pecking order?
  • Laundry Fun – just a few things have arrived downstairs in real need of some attention – carbolic soap to the rescue!
  • Chamber-pot race – run run, but don’t splash a drop, teams compete for the honour of retaining as much of the contents of their pot as possible, but as fast as they can.

We then move to the dressing room and everyone changes attire to become ladies and gentlemen. We have costumes of every size, for servants and gentry – and the dressing up alone is quite an event – team building of a whole new variety!

Devonshire Tea is served in the dining room before we retire to the drawing room for games

  • Traditional Parlour Games – we try two or three of the old favourites – try and get your colleague to squeak like a piglet (Hmmmm!) or indeed find out who is the murderer as the tragic events unfold!
  • Victorian Dance – never before has such elegance and poise been demonstrated! This is an optional element of the programme.
Time Travellers costs €40+VAT per head and is subject to a minimum charge of €450 + 13.5% VAT.

Make Your Own Period Drama

This outstandingly funny event gets everyone working together on both sides of the camera!

  • Use our costumes, lights, cameras and story lines, settings & props to create your
  • Previous story lines include Pride & Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, Peaky Blinders, Black Adder & Downtown Abbey.
  • Light refreshments will be served, or lunch can be provided on request.

A basic edit will be available on the day and a professional editing service is available at an additional cost


Dowager Downtown Abbey

“Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much”

Oscar Wilde

Time Travellers costs €40+VAT per head and is subject to a minimum charge of €450 + 13.5% VAT.